Klaus Haapaniemi

The Berlin-based, Finnish, artisanal design and lifestyle brand Klaus Haapaniemi & Co. was founded by Klaus Haapaniemi and Mia Wallenius in 2010.

Their design approach is influenced by mystical nature, Finnish folklore and traditional decorative arts with a modern twist. The inspiration for their prints comes from a rich selection of cultural references: the worlds of art, ballet, music and storytelling. Klaus Haapaniemi & Co. produces a luxurious home collection focusing on hand printed textiles, cushions, woven throws and hand made rugs. The expanding accessories collection carries permanent, timeless silk scarves and kimonos. 

The brand expanded into kids fashion line Giants in 2017 and has began producing a seasonal women's fashion collection in 2018. Klaus Haapaniemi & Co. follows ethical principles in all production stages. Fair and equal collaboration and responsible use of resources are part of their design process.

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